Australia’s Same-Sex Marriage

Living in a country that is so multicultural is a huge eye opener, you can meet very different types of people and learn so many things from them and vice versa. However, the current topic of today is the launch of Australia’s poll vote for Same sex-marriage. Or I guess the Yes-ers and No-ers. In reading this, try to be as open minded as you say you are. Don’t stop reading just because you found something that you disagree with, because if you do? That just means you are not open to understanding the other side and without a doubt, the other side would disagree with you without even considering your own opinion.

Officially I had voted Yes for this. Because why not right? Personally I don’t really dream of getting married to anyone myself but What if I end up falling in love with someone of the same sex and they want to get married?  Or What if I end up with someone of the opposite sex and our children don’t? I would love for them to have the option to get married.

Yes those who goes to church (like I do) believe that it is a sin, but I also believe that we have no right to judge which sin is worse than the other. I know I’m not perfect and I know I do MANY things that many people would disapprove of so why deny them of their own happiness in this twisted and yet fantastic world?

The problem is, lately, even though I am a huge supporter and a part of the LGBT community, I have found myself to be defending the No voters from them. It is starting to feel like voting No would be counted as being ‘close minded’ or ‘bigots’.

I understand that the people of the LGBT community has been through a lot of hardships that people who are heterosexual would never go through such as being afraid as to whether you will be accepted by your own family, finding difficulties in accepting who you are at the beginning of your realization, bullying at school, discrimination and many more. But I do believe that just because they are and did go through these doesn’t mean that everyone should suddenly be on board with the LGBT community. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they have it harder in life because they went through these and straight people did not.

Yes, it is a brave new world but just as everyone should have the right to marriage (as I believe we all should) others should also have the right to feel differently and vote no, without being called out for it. Being open in regards of your sexuality, having the freedom to own it is just as important as having a freedom of having your own belief. We may not all agree with each other, but the least that we could do is to show respect to one another regardless of our differences. Whether it is a yes or a no for you, whether you are straight, or gay or anything in between, do you really think the other side will consider your opinion if you are being aggressive about it? Do you really think that if the other side is being stupid or close minded or disgusting for their opinion, that your aggression would make you any better than them?


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